Thomas Jefferson Slept Here

On his way from Philadelphia to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson, on his horse, left on September 3rd, 1776, making his first stop at the White Horse. He paid 11/0 (in Virginia currency, I believe) for lodging, etc. He tipped the “horseler” […]

Two Old Photographs of the Tavern

For a bit, I thought these were the same photo, but I was wrong. These are two photos of the Tavern, taken around the turn of the century. Interestingly, the porch has the same bench in each. In the “Powers” […]

First Reading of the Declaration of Independence

In part of the backup for the historical landmark designation for the White Horse Tavern, I found reference to this interesting tidbit. Skip Miller had mentioned this rumor, but this was the first I found it in writing, albeit not […]

Sources cited by Articles on the Tavern

Good sources with references and stories related to the White Horse Tavern & Inn in Chester Country: History of Chester County, Philadelphia, Pa. 1881, Futhey and Cope; [ACQUIRED] Chester County and Its People, 1898, W.W. Thomson. Published by The Union […]