Mention of “New Stone Brew-House” in 1765

Owen Aston advertised the White Horse Tavern for sale. He described the property comprised of “150 acres of choice land, 20 acres of which is extraordinary meadow, and well watered; also a very good orchard; there is every conveneincy for […]

Confusion about the Real White Horse Tavern

I’ve now seen a book and a video that refer to a different building as the White Horse Tavern. They are confused by a marketing scheme to use the history of the White Horse to advertise a wine bar located […]

Carved Graffiti

Many places on the property have initials or carvings.  One near the front door of the 1715 property clearly says B+H.  Not sure who that might be, but the serifs on the H are not something you see very often […]