May 12th, 1764 — Tavern and Land Sold at Public Auction

Ms. Joanne Parandjuk was kind enough to send me a little tidbit on our Tavern. The little tidbit is a big deal and sheds light on ownership of the tavern in the early 1760s, which has been confused for over 100 years.

Chester, April 21, 1764

By Virtue of a Writ to me directed, will be exposed to Sale, by Way of public Vendue, on the Premises, about Twelve o’Clock, on the 12th Day of May next, a certain Messuage or Tenement, and Tract of Land, situate in Whiteland, Chester County, bounded by Lands of John Templeton, Joshua Bean, John Smith, Michael Lovell, Samuel Kennedy, and Lands late of John Hunter, containing by Computation about 144 Acres, late the Property of Thomas Hubbert, deceased, seized and taken in Execution by

John Fairland, Sheriff

N.B. There long hath been, and now is kept, a well accustomed Tavern, with all necessary Buildings for the same, on the Premises, known by the Name of the White Horse.

–Penn Gazette, May 3rd 1764 [NEED TO VERIFY DATE]

Some interesting insights: The property was 144 acres in 1764. The list of neighbors, and more accurate date of when the Tavern changed hands.

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