Letter to George Washington from Henry Heldring–1778-06-11

11 June from the White Horse Tavern, Pa.


Your Excellency please to recollect one of the two Waldeck officers prisoners of war, who selfes had the honour of being introduced to you last year in the Jerseys: and who always conserves the most grateful acknowledgement for the honourable treatement and politeness received from your Excellency, has been labouring these 7 months under a very severe and painful sickness—feeling my constitution growing every day worster & no remedy for it, i went to the honourable board of war, representing there my case. the board seeing my poor situation gave me leave to go down till here to send the letter from Colonel Pickering, which I join, to your Excellency, and to wait upon your Excellencys orders.

i flatter my selfes with the best hopes that after having suffered the greatest pains & fatigues in coming here your Excellency will have compassion with my situation, and approuve of the proposed exchange.

All the while we where prisoners we never did receive any money from our Regiment so that i left many depts behind, the gentleman who fournished us all the while with money brought me here—and should i be so happy as to obtain your Excellencys leave to the exchange, i most humbly intread your Excellency to give equally leave to this gentleman to go with me to philadelphia that i can discharge my and my fellow prisoner debts



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