Gen. Smallwood lay at the White Horse

I haven’t found a copy of the actual handwritten notes by Captain Thomas Buchanan. This reference to the White Horse is either our beloved Tavern and Inn in Whiteland township or a farm using the same name in Willistown township. Our Inn is west of Paoli, while the farm is south.

Given the reference to Downingtown, the odds are the reference is to our Inn. Downingtown is further west, along Swedesford Road, making it closer to our Inn, and more likely a concern of Gen. Smallwood.

At the affair of Paoli, in the fall of 1777, I was sent forward to Gen. Smallwood, that lay at the White Horse, to get him to cover our retreat and fix a place of rendezvous, etc. He sent me forward to try to stop as many of his broken troops that had taken the road to Downingtown. On coming near to these, I found where some of his artillery had thrown a field-piece into a limekiln and had broken the carriage. I went on to Downingtown, and fixed a guard on the road to stop the runaways; got a wheeler and blacksmith to mend the carriage, and went down and put the cannon on the carriage, etc.

A memorandum in the handwriting of Captain Thomas Buchanan, of the First Pennsylvania regiment

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