Map from 1785

Seat of war in the environs of Philadelphia

Map from 1759

Philadelphia; Sold by the author, Nicholas Scull, 1759.

Animation of Battle of the Clouds

Kudos to Western Heritage Mapping on the animation of the battle of the clouds.  The house, where at the end of the video, Washington’s troops are lined up before they leave the area is the White Horse Tavern. Check out […]

British War Map from 1777

British camp at “Trudruffrin” from the 18th to the 21st of September 1777, with the attack made by Major General Grey against the rebels near White Horse Tavern on the 20th. of September.

Map from 1770

One of the few buildings shown on an early map of PA is “White Horse”: Improved Parts and Frontiers version of W. Scull Map of the Province of Pennsylvania

Map from 1687

The map doesn’t show the White Horse, but it’s interesting to compare with future maps. Map surveyed by Tho. Holme sold by P.Lea