List of Maps Referencing the White Horse


The improved part of the Province of Pennsylvania. 1759

Shows White Horse and many other taverns.  Also shows Kennison’s home nearby.  Roads near the tavern are “The Road to Philadelphia” from Lancaster, “The Road to Philadelphia” from Lebanon, Edgemont Road, Swedes Ford Road (to Plymouth), and Road to Moorehall. 

Pennsylvania exhibiting not only the improved parts of that Province, but also its extensive frontiers. 1770

Very similar to the 1759 map (even cites the same surveys).   Kennison’s home is still on the map.

Map–A Map Of Pennsylvania Jefferys, Thomas 1776

Republished version of the 1770 map. 

Attack made against the rebels near White Horse Tavern. 1777

Detailed map of the Paoli Massacre.  Interestingly the map is titled “Attack made against the rebels near White Horse Tavern”, and only marks Paoli as a town to the east of the battle.  It was drawn by an officer on the spot. 

Operations of the British army, from the 25th August to 26th Sept. 1777

Shows events before and after the Battle of the White Horse Tavern, including commanding generals, dates, and positions.

Progress of the Army from their landing till taking possession of Philadelphia, 1777

Traces landing of troops at Elk until the capture of Philadelphia, very similar to the “Operations of the British Army” map, but includes additional details around Philadelphia.

Seat of war in the environs of Philadelphia, 1785

A Map of The State of Pennsylvania by Reading Howell Published by James Phillips, 1792

Chester County Map, 1816 by James Hindman

Chester County, Pennsylvania: from original surveys. 1847

Labeled as “White Horse Inn”.  Also shows “Smithy” and “Store” on the opposite side of the road.

Chester County, Pennsylvania. 1856

Similar to the 1847 map.

Chester Co., Pennsylvania. 1860

Not labeled as White Horse but as the home of A. Rittenbaugh.  The railroad is shown, with White Horse Station.

Chester County Map 1873

Shows land owned by William Weightman (the richest person in PA).


Ye improved part of Pensilvania in America. 1687

Shows the Welsh Tract, an area of about 40,000 acres, that Wm Penn set aside for Welsh Quakers to move from Britain to America.

Native American–Allegheny Path

Overlay the map of Indian paths with a modern map to show the location of our tavern.

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